+354 424 6400 (KEF)  +354 552 1611 (REK)

Building 835, 235 Keflavik, Iceland -  Reykjavikurflugvollur,101 Reykjavik, Iceland

Reykjavik airport

opening hours

For arrivals, 24 hours


for take off´s on: 07:00 - 23:30


08:00 - 23:30 weekends & public


Reykjavik Airport

IS - 101 Reykjavík


Tel: +354 552 1611

Fax: +354 552 9221


VHF: 131.7

Postal address:

Flugþjónustan / BIRK flight service
Reykjavik Airport
101 Reykjavik



Ace FBO Reykjavik
opening hours


07:00 - 23:00

Weekdays & amp; Public Holidays:

08:00 - 23:00

(after-hours services are available

by special arrangements, subject

to a additional fee)

Our Clients

A company with experience

​ACE FBO is a leading ground handling company that has been operating at Keflavik Airport since July 1st, 2014 and at Reykjavik Airport for over forty years.

We believe in keeping handling simple,
​efficient and friendly; our highly-trained
staff are all experienced pilots with excellent
language and technical skills. ACE FBO
offers wide variety of services
above and ​beyond most FBO’s handling,
  • discount rates at local hotels (10% - 30% of rack rates)
  • fixed prices on taxi services and competitive prices
  • competitive fuel prices for both Jet A-1 and 100LL AvGas
  • free WiFi internet access
  • free International Telephone services (through Skype)
  • free access to WWW through our customer computer.
  • ​access to Flight planning software
We cater your every whim 

Let ACE FBO book your hotel, sightseeing tour and rental car for better service and a generous discount. We'll get you a table at any restaurant, cater your plane to suit any taste and budget, and provide in-flight reading material and entertainment on request. Tell us what you like and we'll be ready when you get here.

Fuel savings and expert maintenance

We like the nice things in life, but we've
never met anyone who actually likes
burning money. That's why we provide
Jet A-1 and 100LL AvGas at the lowest
possible prices. De-Icing services and
routine maintenance are provided and
​we perform expert maintenance on request.

For terminals, small is beautiful

​ ​We pride ourselves on having one of the smallest full service terminals on the planet. It has all you'll need and nothing else. A few feet of conveyor belt, wireless internet, free international telephone services, access to flight planning software, a small selection of refreshments and some very friendly staff. Nothing else. Heaven!  

What we do

Ace FBO Keflavik
opening hours


Open 24 hours

Weekdays & amp; Public Holidays:

Open 24 hours

Keflavik Airport

IS - 235 Reykjanesbæ


Tel: +354 424 6400

Fax: +354 424 6465


VHF: 131.7

Postal address:

KFS ehf.


121 Reykjavík